Projects and Ideas

Some of our previous projects - Get inspired, Be creative and do something Magical :

One of our recent projects, an example of clean and simple compilation of colors, polished plastering designs, ceiling cornices, archs and more. Simple, smooth and very stylish look.

This particular project is an example of our skills of color combination, polished plasterings panels in synchrom with wall paintings, different covigs and cornices. The desire of our clients here was to posses a simple and clean interior, an interior that wont shock with strong colors and yet will be atractive and rememberable. To achive that as you can see in the photo gallery we use different combination of colors, polished plastering designs created for this particular projects, as usual they are a product of our own enovation and are not mass produced. In addition to the polish plastering designs we used differen wallpepers,  cornices, covigs and we created a couple of arches on the main entrances. For the floors and bathrooms we used mostly marble, which is always a perfect choice for a stylish look. Enjoy the gallery, get inspired and be creative!

Very colorful project, filled with details, atractive colors and elements.


This project combines a lot of different colors, different polished plastering designs, different wall panels, wall sculptures, paintings and wallpapering. Every single polished plastering design you can see in the photos is as usual product of our creation and it can not be found in any shop. Every plaster, every color is custom made and includes the favorite colors of our clients. The project contains a lot of wall pannels and paintings again a product of our own creation and a dream come true to our customers.


This project is another example of our skills in combining strong colors, creating atractive and colorful polished plastering designs , wallpapering, handcrafted wall panels, paintings  and more tricks with which we managed to transform a ordinary home into a different and unique place of art. 



Another colorful project filled with different polished plastering designs, wallpapering pannels, hidden lights, artistic cielings, paintings and style.

We always state that creating an interior design is one of the things we do in extream details, something we do with great passion and on different than the ordinary style. This project is a sample of that. It was created in a style dessired by our clients, with favorite to them colors and ornaments. It contains a mixture of old style antique spirit, modern hidden lights and interesting ceilings, framed wallpapers, mirror paintings and polished plasterings custom made for this particular project and clients. Enjoy the gallery.

In this particular project you can explore an examples of our sculpturing skills and some of our polished plastering designs.

The first thing we created here was  The Babylon tower, a favorite image of our clients and one of our favorite sculture designs we did. In addition to the tower we created some more handcrafted wall panels, paintings and we manage to turn the sceiling into a sky, showing two of the favorite to our clients constellations.

The Flamingo caffe 🙂

This project is created in the spirit of the favorite to our clients  and one of the favorite to us birds – the Flamingo. Thats the reason we created two flamingos scultures, standing together  on the colum infront of the main entrace. 

The polished plastering desigs are created in similar to the flamingo bird colors, the ceiling is filled with light which gives even more special effect. 

We always state that the sole purpose of everything we do is to create something uniqe, different and mesmerizing, and this project is one of the example of that. 

This project is made with the desire to be simple and smooth in colors, yet to be atractive and stylish. For this to become a reality we custom made different polished plastering designs, some of them separeted with cornice frames. In addition to all of the plastering designs we added wallpapering, hidden lights, covigs and arches.  The secret is in the details and as you can see we honor them with extream attention. 

In this gallery you can explore one of our previous caffe/clubs we’ve made in the past. It was a colorful project, custom designed by us in the spirit of music, party and fun. A lot of handmade wallpanel were created in  the form of musical instroments. The polished plastering designs we’ve created are in the favorite of our clients color. Simillar to the walls, the colums and the ceilings were also transformed in artistic way, showings different techniques of polished plastering in combination that always bring uniqnuess. A lot of hiddent lights were installed so the beauty we created could be even more astonishing. 

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