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My name is Vasko Katzarski. I'm a Bulgarian artist and an interior designer with an experience more than 25 years.

Painting on glass-mirror is the medium of choice for my creative expressions.

I'm also excited about the magic of craft carving which technique I successfully use in the interior design. You can see many of those artworks in my website.

I have been painting since I was a little boy. My teacher was one of the most famous graphic artist both in Bulgaria and Europe. Her name is Suzi Aronova. This year /2020/ she turned 100 years old and even today she continues to create.

Mirror-paintings are beautiful indeed. They are painted with special paints. These are acrylic enamel craft paints, which stick to mirror and provide a similar look like on a canvas, once the paint dries. Enamel paint dries a bit harder and is cleanable once cured, but it requires a lengthy curing time by air - as much as three weeks, before you should touch the painted area. It also has another advantage - you could gently clean the mirror surface without fear of damaging the painting. On the other hand the mirror gives more depth to the painting , adds sparkle and demension due to the smooth surface and reflection of the light and shadows.

When people ask me what my artwork is about , I can only answer - everything. It comes from my life. All my paintings and artworks are attempts to make sense of the world. They express my wishes and dreams for a better world, my moods and desires for beauty, calm, content, peace and love . They celebrate happy occasions, my sadness and frustration, as I explore life's dualities.

The mood and spirit I embody in my paintings, what emotions do people perceive looking at them, are always - calm, content, peaceful, relaxed, cheerful, romantic, warm, pure sensations.

The colours using in my paintings are distinctive, subdued, compatible, saturated, natural, vivid, rich, deep, stimulating, harmonious, brilliant and much more subtle.

Art as a whole, as well as mine always balances between material and spiritual. It creats new worlds and allows us - people to think and create in the right direction.

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“Village Scent”

 In ”Village Scent” I happily express the admiration and delight, the smell and beauty of nature. I love the miracle being witnessed of the whole swept of nature ang picturesque images of country site. I admire the clear impact with the purity and simplicity of the natural environment.


Full measurements of the painting with frame:

Height – 60 sm, Width – 86 sm, depth – 5 sm



Available for sale

“Sunny Morning”

I was inspired by the first rays of the sun. They seemed to burn fire on my wishes for calm, love, peace. I want to feel the happy enjoyment  of the sunny morning. I wish to feel the longing for the new day and the energy of sunny morning helping into our spiritual walking path.



Full measures of the painting with  frame:

Height – 99 sm, width – 70 sm, depth – 6 sm


Available for sale


I express the passion and intensive feeling of beauty and love surrounding us. The flying moments and remaining  emotions keeping  us alive and happy.


Full measures of the painting with  frame:

Height – 97 sm, width – 72 sm, depth – 12 sm

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Looking at ”Elexir”, I want you to feel the love of happy occasions and fertility of the seasons. I want you to celebrate and admire the charm and beauty of life.

”Elexir” is all about of these sensations.


Full measures of the painting with  frame:

Height – 89  sm, width – 114 sm, depth – 7 sm


Available for sale

“Refined Tenderness”

In this painting  I attempt to express  the refined beauty, finesse and tenderness given to us as a gift by nature.


Measures of the painting with frame:

Height – 61 sm, width – 84 sm, depth – 6.5 sm


Available for sale

” Thracian treasure “,

One of my  recent artworks from the mirror surface serie.

It represents a part of the set of  Ancient Thracian Gold Treasure. It was discovered at 1949 in Bulgaria. It comprises nine 24 karat gold vessels  with approximate weight of seven kilograms. According to  experts this set was handcrafted by skillful goldsmiths sometime in the 4th-3rd centuries BC and it is believe that it used to be  belong to Seuths III, a Thraciant king who ruled in the period 331 BC – 300 BC. Due to its huge historical significance, today the treasure has become one of the most famous travelling Bulgarian exhibition.


Available for sale

“Golden Autumn'”

In this painting, I endeavoured to show  the flavour of delicacy and maturity, so inherent  for the magnificent autumn fruits and its richness. ‘Golden Autumn’ can be describe as brilliant and vibrant.


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In this painting I attempt  to display this magic power bird in  all  of its brilliance, radiant and shimmering. Pheonix lives several hundred years before it dies by bursting into flames and then reborn from the ashes to start new, long life. This symbolism is very powerful and attracts me too much.

Pheonix is brilliantly coloured in red, orange, yellow, as it is associated with the rising sun and fire. It represents many themes such as – the sun, time, the empire, consecration, resurrection, the exceptional man.

Available for sale

“Peacock king”, 

In this painting I attempt  to show the peacock’s energy. It is a symbol of compassion and integrity that exist in  all aspects of life and your own world view. Peacock is the watcher of all.

Available for sale


This painting represents my wishes and dreams for a better world, my moods and desires for a beauty, calm, content, peace and love. This graceful, powerful bird radiates self-love, honour, integrity. It represents also balance, wise vision, self-confidence, awareness, spirituality, freedom and protection.








Ceiling painting of the ancient god of lightning , custom made artwork for one of our favorite clients.  



“Rose Garden”,

Another example of our recent ceiling paintings, a custom made peace, equiped with interesting ceiling circle form with hidden lights, finished with polished plastering design again a product of our own creation and in dessired from our client style. 



“Sunflower bouquet”




“The Gladiator” ,

interesting artwork first handcarved than painted by us, custom made artwork for a summer garden, surrounded with polished plastering designs created by our team in the dessired style and colors. 

Mix of examples of different paintings and artwork done by us for some of our clients. As you'll see a unique artwork could be done on different surfaces, achieving different and more interesting styles and results. Art has no limitations and knows no boundaries. Enjoy the compilation, Get inspired, Be creative!