About us

We are family business with different skill dimentions. We have more than 25 years of experience of creating beautiful artwork, unique interior and exterior designs, leaving a trail with projects and designs that dont have analogue. The sole purpose of everything we do is to create something different, artistic and unique.  We always say that the secret is in the details, its something we truly belive and it is something we proudly state that we follow and execute masterly.

To our clients we provide a service and a set of skills capable to transform every surface into a custom masterpiece. 

For this we use different techniques, examples of some of them you can explore in our photo gallerys. What is essensial in our work is that we always provide a custom made product to our clients, a product that only they will possess, a product we wont create in the same way  never again. This is fundamental in every interior and exterior design, in every paiting, wall pannel, sculture and artwork we ever did and we do. It is a rule we follow and we are proud to state that everything we create is custom made, unique to our clients, born from their wishes, our vission and skills, and it is something only they and they along will ever have. We provide uniqueness, an artistic look out of the ordinary.  

Some of our most powerful tools we use to accomplish this are the different handcrafted panels, sculptures, the unique paintings and the different polished plastering designs. 

Polished plastering is an artisct finish to a particular surface – walls, ceilings and it is something that gives a unique and interesting look. Some of the more famous versions of the polished plastering are the venetian polished plastering designs, which are truly beautiful and which we execute very masterly. The only minus they have is that they are mass produced, thats why except them we provide to our clients a polished plastering designs that are product of our creation and ideas, a product that can not be found in any shop. A product that has no limitation in colors, forms, texture, technique. In reality we create custom made designs, born from the wishes of our clients, our imagination and capability. That way we assure and achieve charism, individuality and personalisation of everything we create. 

In addition to the polished plastering designs we create different handcrafted sculpures and wall panels which gives even more unique, private and personalised look to the interior design at task. The sculpures and the wall panels could be made from different materials and on different surfaces including on whole walls, floors, ceilings. 

Another way to assure the unique and masterpiece look to a certain design are the custom made paintings we create. And again we are able to create them on different surfaces. Our paintings are a product created with our own hands, they are original pieces that do not have copies. We never create the same thing twice, and every painting we ever created, we created with passion and a dessire for something extraordinary . 

Of course there are many more ways and techniques to turn a surface and interior/exterior design into something mesmerizing. Most of the techniques we use are born from our enovation and our artistic spirit. To every project we execute the first step is to understand what our client dessires, what is the idea of his imagination, what is the thing he wishes and dreams of. Than we create an interior or exterior designs in different techniques and samples, together with our clients we discuss the samples, the techniques and the end result, the look of the particular idea and in the end we execute it, honoring every little detail of the idea.  And thats how a unique masterpiece designs are born and thats why we provide skills and service not many other people can. 


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