" Mr.Art " by " V-ART "

" The Secret is in the details "

Interior designs out of the Ordinary

We provide more than 25 years of experience in creating beautiful and unique interior renovations, different artworks, paintings, sculptures and more.  

The sole purpose of everything we do, every project we execute, every painting we make, every sculpture and artwork is to create something artistic, different and beautiful. Something that is out of the ordinary and something that can’t be seen often. 

During the years we’ve acquired a large set of skills to achieve that goal. We create our own designs, every project we fulfil is a result of precise work and represents a particular wish, dream and idea of our clients.  The goal is to achieve end result that will be unique to our clients, a result that will represent their characters, dreams and charism. An end result that wont be seen anywhere else. 

To achieve that we use wild range of techniques, tricks and secrets. Examples of some of them you can explore in our photo galleries. 

One of the most often tools we use to provide uniqueness are the polished plastering designs. The famous version of them are the Venetian polished plastering designs which we execute to perfection. They are truly beautiful and highly durable, the only minus they have is that they are mass produced. This  is the reason why we provide to our customers our own polished plastering designs which are a product of our creation, vission and skills, which mean they can not be found in any shop and can not be done by no one else. That also means that they can be made in different ways, with no limitations in technique, form, colors, and texture, which ensures even more the end goal – uniqueness. 

In addition to polished plastering designs we create different hand made scultures, wall panell, interesting covig and cornice artworks and custom made paintings. All of them we create in different techniques and on different surfaces. The art knows no boundaries and has no limitations and we always seek for challanges to proove it!

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